“Books are wonderful things, but they’re not as good as reading.”

- Alastair Horne

"Lovers of print are simply confusing the plate for the food."

- Douglas Adams

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(e)Book snobbery is NOT cool.

Just read whatever you like, whenever you like, in whichever format you prefer.

“If you are not able to travel, he told me, the next best thing is to read. Read all you can, girl. And store up that knowledge, for you never know when you will need it.”
- Paula Brackston, The Winter Witch (via quoted-books)

Conversation Overheard at the Public Library

  • Mom: Do you remember how we treat library books?
  • Kid: We hug them like they're our best friends!

Page turner / photo by Timo Meyer http://bit.ly/1706lxE